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Accord Brit Tile Roof Sheet with Anti Condensation Liner

Brit Tile anti condensation - Slate Blue Click an image to enlarge.
Brit Tile metal roofing sheets
0.5mm gauge coated galvanised steel

Sheets with anti condensation liner
£14.50 per linear metre

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Accord BritTile, tile effect steel roofing is a modern design that compliments our more traditional looking FlowTile range. Made from high quality galvanised steel with a PVC Plastisol coating or grey textured polyester paint, Accord BritTile offers a guarantee to first maintenance of up to 25 years.*

BritTile has a cover width of one metre and is available in slate blue and terracotta as standard.

*25 years for inland, 20 years for coastal areas. Some colours will vary. (See colours tab for more details)

Profile: Accord BritTile

Purlin centres* 0.666m (two full tiles)

Min recommended roof pitch 14°

Cover width: 1000mm

Profile height: 19mm

Pitch: 250mm

Available gauges: 0.5mm

Anti-condensation liner (min order 100 linear metres)

Cut to size (maximum length 6m)

Approx lead time: 7 to 10 working days

* Initial purlin support must be positioned at the first tile drop from the ridge. Every other purlin must be positioned at every second tile drop. Due to this we recommend that you do not install your purlins until the sheets are on site. Recommendations are for guidance only and may differ depending on building scenario. Always consult a structural engineer for accurate structural support information.
Please be aware that tile effect sheets can only be manufactured in 0.5mm gauge and must be handled very carefully to avoid twisting and warping of the sheet when installing. A minimum of two people must handle the sheet but more people would be preferable, especially if the sheets are longer than 3m. Alternatively sterling board could be used to keep the sheet supported whilst handling. When fitting sheets please ensure you spread your weight using crawling boards.
Please be aware that as this profile is run using a narrower coil than standard profiles the anti condensation liner will cover the whole sheet.

This simple method of rolling a flock material to the underside of our Brit-Tile effect sheets reduces the risk of condensation* and drastically cuts the cost associated with full insulated panels.

* Anti condensation requires good air circulation around the sheet to allow water held by the liner to evaporate away. If you are using foam fillers you should notch them out to allow air circulation. Minimum recommended roof pitch is 10° for liner to be fully effective.

Please click on the video below for a time-lapse video:

Adding anti condensation liner to our roof sheets is a cost effective method of handling condensation problems in many buildings. If you believe that there is a chance of condensation we would highly recommend Dripstop anti condensation liner as an extremely effective solution.

Controlling condensation

When the temperature and humidity conditions in the building reach dew point, moisture will condense on the underside of an uninsulated metal roof sheet. If there is a lot of condensation, water droplets will form and start to fall. The traditional method for eliminating build up of condensation is to insulate the roof so that the temperature on the metal sheet never reaches the dew point.

Drip Stop anti condensation liner is pre rolled onto the sheet and will provide a much more cost effective solution than full roof insulation.

Advantages of anti condensation lined sheets

  • Save up to 25% on traditional solutions
  • Durability (Drip Stop anti-condensation felt liner is not susceptible to ripping, tearing or deterioration like standard insulation and vapor barriers are)
  • Easy to clean (with hose or pressure washers)

The Drip Stop solution

Roofing sheets lined with Drip Stop anti-condensation material provide a medium for trapping this moisture in the specially designed pockets formed in the membrane. Drip Stop holds the moisture until conditions go back below the dew point. The moisture is then released back into the air in the form of normal humidity.

Drip Stop is self adhesive felt liner that is applied to our sheets during the roll forming process. This means that the sheets will arrive with you with Drip Stop already in place, ready to be installed immediately. Your sheets are then installed as normal.

PVC Plastisol

PVC Plastisol coated sheeting is a very high quality galvanised steel sheet with a primer paint and final layer of PVC Plastisol coating resulting in a very durable end product that doesn't fade or scratch easily.

200µm durable, abrasion-resistant topcoat

Leathergrain embossed finish

Galvanised substrate to BS EN 10346:2009 and primed undercoat offering excellent corrosion resistance

Manufacturers coating guarantee of up to 15 years to first maintenance*

*10 years for coastal areas

Typical properties

Finish propertyUnit of measureValueTest standard
Nominal organic coating thickness (µm) 200 EN13523-1
Gloss (60°) (%) 15-35 EN13523-2
Scratch resistance (g) 3500 EN13523-12
Abrasion resistance (Taber, 250 rev, 1kg) (mg) <12 EN13523-16
Flexibility (reverse impact) (J) ≥18 EN13523-5
Adhesion (cross hatch) (%) 100 Pass EN13523-6
Minimum bend radius (T) 0 T@16°C EN13523-7
Corrosion resistance:
Salt Spray
Max continuous operating temp. (°C) 60
Reaction to fire Class 0 BS476 part 6 & 7
Resistance to fire Class AA BS476 part 3

Polyester Paint

Polyester paint coated sheeting is a very high quality galvanised steel sheet with a primer paint finished with a final layer of polyester paint.

Available in textured grey colour only

Galvanised substrate to BS EN 10346:2009 and primed undercoat offering excellent corrosion resistance

Please be aware that polyester paint coated sheets are susceptible to light scratching during transport. We recommend ordering a tin of touch up paint with these sheets. If a more durable finish is required please consider using PVC plastisol coated sheets with anti condensation liner
Finish propertyUnit of measureValueTest standard
Nominal organic coating thickness (µm) 25 EN13523-1
Specular gloss (60°) (%) 10-35 EN13523-2
Scratch resistance (g) 3000 EN13523-12
Abrasion resistance (Taber, 250 rev, 1kg) (mg) <30 EN13523-16
Flexibility (minimum bend radius) (T) 1.5 EN13523-5
Adhesion (%) 100 Pass EN13523-6
Corrosion resistance:
Salt Spray



UV Resistance Excellent EN10169
Fire classification A2 EN13501-1

General notes:
The figures contained in these table are typical for solid colours and do not constitute a specification.

Textured polyester paint (approx 7 to 10 working day lead time)

Brit-Tile Grey Textured Paint
Grey Textured Paint

Plastisol standard colours (approx 7 to 10 working day lead time)

Juniper Green Olive Green Black Anthracite Merlin Grey Goosewing Grey
Juniper Green
Olive Green
Anthracite Merlin Grey
Goosewing Grey
Slate Blue Vandyke Brown Terracotta white
Slate Blue
Vandyke Brown

Plastisol extended colour range

The following colours may have an extended lead time (approx 7 to 15 working days):

Forest/Heritage Green Moorland Green Meadowland Green Sargasso Blue Ocean Blue Albatross
Heritage Green
Moorland Green
Meadowland Green BS12B17 Sargasso Blue
Ocean Blue
Hamlet Bamboo Mushroom Honesty

Plastisol special colour range (Accent)

Accent colours are special colours available at an increased price (variable depending on product). Lead times may be extended to 10 to 15 working days.

Solent Blue Wedgewood-Blue
Solent Blue
A maximum 25 year coating manufacturer guarantee* is available on request
* 25 years for inland areas and 20 years on coastal** areas except for the following colours which are covered by a 15 year inland and 10 year coastal guarantee:
Heritage/Forest Green (RAL6002)
Ocean Blue (BS18C39)
Slate Blue (BS18B29)
Sargasso Blue (RAL5003)
Solent Blue (BS18E35)
Juniper Green (BS12B29)
Vandyke Brown (BS08B29)
Times quoted are minimum period to expected first maintenance
** Coastal areas are classed as within 2km of the sea
For full written terms of the coating guarantee please contact us
Please note: All colours shown are web representations. Although we make every effort to show our products in their original colours, due to photography and individual monitors, actual colours may vary.