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Curved 3" corrugated steel sheets

Curved traditional 3" corrugated sheets

Accord manufacture curved corrugated sheets in 0.7mm gauge. We can manufacture the sheets to with a minimum radius of 1.2m alternately we can calculate the radius and length using the width and rise of the curve sheets.

Our main customers for curved sheeting are manufacturers of pig arks and shepherds huts. Other uses of curved sheets consist of roofing for Dutch barns, Nissen huts, Anderson shelters, airport hangars and corrugated water tanks.

For quotes please use our curved sheet estimation tool below

Sheet profile

14/3 Traditional 3" Corrugated (Sinusoidal)

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Product description Price per linear metre* Price per linear foot*
First grade galvanised curved 3" corrugated £11.29 £3.45
Poly paint curved 3" corrugated £11.79 £3.60
Poly paint curved 3" corrugated with anti condensation liner £14.79 £4.51
PVC plastisol coated curved 3" corrugated £13.43 £4.10
PVC plastisol coated curved 3" corrugated with anti condensation liner £16.43 £5.01

* Prices do not include VAT or delivery.

Curved sheet measuring guideCurved sheets online estimation tool

If you require an estimate on the cost of curved sheeting please fill in the below form to calculate the qty and lengths of sheets required based on the rise, width and length. Alternatively please call us on 01384 273811 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Please note: Due to the complexity of curved sheeting we always recommend that you provide a sketch with full dimensions before placing an order. The calculator tool is designed to give estimations only, please do not rely on this tool to specify your job.

Please contact us for more information and pricing


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