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Galvanised Steel Sheets

Galvanised steel is produced by 'hot-dipping' steel into a bath of molten zinc. This process has replaced the traditional method of applying a tin coating to the steel base material. The zinc coating helps to prevent rusting the base material. Galvanised steel cladding sheets have been used for over 100 years.

The galvanising process leaves a natural 'spangle' on the surface of the sheets and will be quite shiny when new. It is worth noting that galvanised steel will weather over time and become duller. Also galvanised steel can vary in finish and we highly recommend taking a polyester paint or PVC Plastisol coated sheet if colour is an issue.

As long as the material is fitted and treated properly then it can last a number of years, however the material is very susceptible to corrosion especially the steel underneath the zinc coating.

Galvanised steel sheets can sometimes be confused with stainless steel, however it is important to note these are different products.

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