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32/1000CR Cranked Box Profile

Crimpped Eaves Click an image to enlarge.
32/1000 cranked box profile cladding
Galvanised steel

We now have the ability to crank curve our 32/1000 box profile steel sheets. These sheets are ideal for use on industrial and commercial units to keep a continuous flow from roof to walls, or for use on animal shelters or curved roofs with a more industrial appearance. As these sheets are crimped we are able to make them to all shapes and sizes, including having the ability to produce multiple curved parts on one sheet.

Cranking fees are charged per sheet and are based on the number of curves and the lengths of the sheet. These charges are added to the standard sheet prices, see our pricing section below for more details


Please contact our sales team with your drawings for prices.

Additional information

Due to the complexity of manufacturing cranked sheets to your specification we are unable to provide an online order service for this product. Please contact us to discuss this service in more detail.

Box profile steel cladding (or box section) is a modern alternative to traditional 3" corrugated (or wriggly tin) metal roofing sheets. Initially used predominantly on industrial buildings it's modern appearance has resulted in box profile steel cladding becoming more popular with domestic users.

32/1000 box profile offers a maximum cover width of one metre

Profile: Accord 32/1000

Cover width: 1000mm

Profile height: 32mm

Pitch: 200mm

Available gauges: 0.5mm & 0.7mm

Cut to size

Approx lead time: 10 to 14 working days

Minimum Cranked Radius: 300mm Internal - 332mm External

Minimum Straight Leg : 450mm