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Big 6 Profile GRP Rooflights

Big 6 GRP Rooflight Click an image to enlarge.
Big 6 profile GRP sheets
Class 3, 2.44kg/m²

Our Big 6 G.R.P rooflights are manufactured to compliment our range of Big 6 fibre cement sheets.

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Product description Unit of Measure Unit Price
Big 6 GRP Rooflight (Class 3 - 2.4kg) 6ft sheet Each £27.00+VAT
(£32.40 inc VAT)
Big 6 GRP Rooflight (Class 3 - 2.4kg) 8ft sheet Each £36.00+VAT
(£43.20 inc VAT)
Big 6 GRP Rooflight (Class 3 - 2.4kg) 10ft sheet Each £45.00+VAT
(£54.00 inc VAT)
Big 6 GRP Rooflight (Class 3 - 2.4kg) 12ft sheet Each £54.00+VAT
(£64.80 inc VAT)

(Prices do not include delivery)

Additional information

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G.R.P (glass reinforced plastic) rooflights are a lot more durable then basic clear PVC sheets and are used to provide natural light into buildings.

We keep in stock standard GRP rooflights (class 3 - 2.44kg) in 5ft, 6ft, 8ft and 10ft lengths.

Please note: If you are using G.R.P rooflights in conjunction with Big 6 fibre cement sheets you may find that the G.R.P sheets will experience condensation.

Profile: Profile 6 (Big Six)

Cover width: 1016mm

Profile height: 54mm

Pitch: 146.5mm


Excellent UV protection

By its nature G.R.P glazing sheets allow a diffused, natural daylight to enter buildings. Solar glare and hot spots are eliminated to provide a more comfortable environment for the occupants of the building. A single sheet of 1.3mm will provide a light transmission of 80-85%.

Low maintenance

Using warm water and a mild detergent, the material can be cleansed to ensure the high levels of light transmission expected and to prevent any growth which may attack the protective surface or dirt accumulation which could lead to heat build up. Polyester translucent sheet does not absorb dust, dirt, oil or grease so dirt retention is kept low.

Service temperature

G.R.P sheets can withstand both high and low temperatures from -20˚C to +80˚C.

Excellent fire performance

Tested in accordance with BS476 in the UK, achieving the classifications required for building construction.