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Flat Faced Eaves Beam 200mm

Made to order from £16.16+VAT
Flat Faced Eaves Beam end Click an image to enlarge.
200mm eaves beam
G275 Z39 galvanised steel
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Product description Unit of Measure Unit Price
200mm Flat Faced Eaves Beam 2.0mm gauge LM £16.16+VAT
(£19.39 inc VAT)

(Prices do not include delivery)

Additional information

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Our flat faced eaves beams provide the top fixing for sheets and gutters. Eaves beams our available unpunched or with 18mm holes in our buttsystem and sleeved system layout*

Our flat faced eaves beams are manufactured from pre hot dipped galvanised steel coated to G275 Z39 providing a minimum yield of 390N/mm2

Depth: 200mm

Top flange: 93mm

Bottom flange: 89mm

Top lip: 19mm

Bottom lip: 19mm

Available in 2.0mm gauge only

Manufactured to length*

Approx lead time: 7 to 10 working days

* If you are unsure of the hole layout we highly recommend you take the purlins unpunched and drill on site
** minimum manufacturing run is 20 linear metres in total. This can consist of multiple purlin lengths. Orders less than this are subject to a £58 set up fee.

Our cee section side rails are manufactured from pre hot dipped galavanised steel coated to G275 Z39 providing a minimum yied of 390N/mm2

Typical properties

PropertyUnit of measureValueTest standard
Standard zinc coating (g/m2) 275 (G275)
Minimum yield stress (N/mm2) 390 (Z39) EN 10147:2000