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Kingspan Quadcore AWP Micro-Rib Wall Panels (600mm cover)

Made to order from £78.89+VAT
KS6000MR Panel Click an image to enlarge.
Kingspan KS600MR Composite Panels
To order online or obtain a quotation please specify your requirements below and add to basket.
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Also Available KS900MR & KS1000MR - please contact us for more details

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Prices listed below exclude VAT and delivery

ThicknessUnder 51m51m to 101m101m to 501mover 501m
45mm core £101.65 per m £97.89 per m £94.39 per m £91.14 per m
54mm core £105.40 per m £101.50 per m £97.88 per m £94.50 per m
60mm core £109.14 per m £105.10 per m £101.35 per m £97.85 per m
70mm core £111.73 per m £107.59 per m £103.75 per m £100.17 per m
74mm core £113.02 per m £108.83 per m £104.95 per m £101.33 per m
80mm core £114.31 per m £110.08 per m £106.15 per m £102.49 per m
88mm core £117.94 per m £113.58 per m £109.52 per m £105.74 per m
100mm core £121.57 per m £117.07 per m £112.89 per m £109.00 per m
120mm core £128.85 per m £124.08 per m £119.65per m £115.52 per m
140mm core £136.10 per m £131.06 per m £126.38 per m £122.02 per m
150mm core £142.25 per m £136.98 per m £132.09 per m £127.54 per m

Current lead time: 3-5 weeks

Delivery Charges:
0-150m - £230+VAT
150-400m - £150+VAT
Over 400m - Free of Charge

Please contact us with your materials list or building dimensions for a full comprehensive quotation.

XL Forte Standard Colour Range

200µ PVC Leathergrain Finish

No minimum order - Standard lead time (approx 3 to 5 weeks)

white grey white cream willow green
BS: 00E55
RAL: 9003
Grey White
BS: n/a
RAL: 9002
BS: 10C31
RAL: 1015
Willow Green
BS: 12B17
RAL: 100 80 20
khaki green olive green juniper green gull grey
Khaki Green
BS: 12B21
RAL: 100 60 20
Olive Green
BS: 12B27
RAL: 100 30 20
Juniper Green
BS: 12B29
RAL: 160 20 10
Gull Grey
BS: 18B17
RAL: 240 80 05
goosewing grey merlin grey anthracite azure blue
Goosewing Grey
BS: 10A05
RAL: 080 70 05
Merlin Grey
BS: 18B25
RAL: 180 40 05
BS: n/a
RAL: 7016
Azure Blue
BS: 18C39
RAL: 220 30 25
midnight slate blue russet red red brown
BS: n/a
RAL: 5008
Slate Blue
BS: 18B29
RAL: n/a
Russet Red
BS: 04D44
RAL: 3013
Red Brown
BS: n/a
RAL: 8012
vandyke brown black
Vandyke Brown
BS: 08B29
RAL: 8014
BS: 00E53
RAL: 9005

XL Forte Extended Colour Range

200µ PVC Leathergrain Finish

No minimum order - Extended lead time (allow up to 10 weeks)

mushroom leaf green bottle green cornflower blue
BS: 10B19
RAL: 080 70 10
Leaf Green
BS: n/a
RAL: 6002
Bottle Green
BS: n/a
RAL: 6007
Cornflower Blue
BS: 18E53
RAL: n/a
sapphire blue copper beech
Sapphire Blue
BS: n/a
RAL: 5003
Copper Beech
BS: 04C39
RAL: 040 40 40

XL Forte Non Standard Colour Range

200µ PVC Leathergrain Finish

Minimum order is usually 3800m - Extended lead time (call to check)

sunflower yellow saffron yellow cinnamon jade
Sunflower Yellow
BS: 10E55
RAL: n/a
Saffron Yellow
BS: 08E53
RAL: n/a
BS: 08C35
RAL: 080 70 30
BS: 14C37
RAL: n/a
pastel blue powder blue denim deep blue
Pastel Blue
BS: n/a
RAL: 240 80 10
Powder Blue
BS: n/a
RAL: 210 80 10
BS: n/a
RAL: 5014
Deep Blue
BS: n/a
RAL: 260 240 20
wedgewood blue flame red shiraz autumn
Wedgewood Blue
BS: 18C37
RAL: 220 50 15
Flame Red
BS: 04E53
RAL: n/a
BS: n/a
RAL: 3004
BS: n/a

Spectrum Standard Colour Range

60µ Smooth Polyurethane Finish

No minimum order - Standard lead time (approx 3 to 5 weeks)

pearl moonstone basalt onyx
BS: n/a
RAL: 9010
BS: n/a
RAL: 7035
BS: n/a
RAL: 7012
BS: n/a
RAL: 7016
metallic silver
Metallic Silver
BS: n/a
RAL: 9006
Special colours are available on request and are subject to minimum orders. Please contact us with your RAL or BS colour reference to discuss the options available to you in more detail.
7 digit RAL reference are RAL Design references
All colours and finishes shown are web representations. Although we make every effort to show our products in their original colours, due to photography and individual monitors, actual colours may vary. BS and RAL colour references represent the nearest colours and are not an exact match to the colour coating. Metal finishes are not colours they are the natural colour of the material which can vary, images shown are representative as colour coatings and metal finishes can differ from batch to batch.