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Ridge capping installation

Ridge assembly for single-skinned roofs

Ridge assembly single skin

Standard ridge sheets are 400mm (16") girth with 200mm (8") wings. Our ridge flashings can be manufactured to fit the pitch of your roof. If you do not supply your roof pitch or do not know it our ridges are manufactured to suit a 25° pitch (130° internal angle)

It is important that the roofing sheets do not clash at TDC (top dead centre), so draw them back 50mm (2”). Secure the sheet in the trough of the profile with a Tek screw.

In order to prevent foreign bodies from getting in the sheets, place foam fillers in the troughs and stick down with some silicon sealant.

To fix the ridge sheet to the roof sheet, use seam stitchers (small Tek screws) at 300mm to 400mm (12” to 18”) from the centre. Cover the screws with coloured caps to match the sheets.

Ridge assembly for double-skinned roofs

Ridge assembly double skin

Follow the same instructions as for single skin roof but in addition you must fit a ridge liner sheet over the purlins prior to fitting panels in place.

After placing the panels, fill the gap between the tops of the two panels with insulation, ensuring the insulation meets fire standards. Cover this insulation with a material to act as a vapour seal such as plastic or felt.

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