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Purlins provide horizontal support for the sheets and form part of the framework for the building. Minimum recommended purlin size is 4”x 2” (50mm x 100mm) in timber or Z140mm x 1.6mm in steel*. All purlin joints must be supported by a rafter. Z Purlins are connected to the rafters using cleats.

* Minimum purlin size will vary according to span. Timber Tek screws should not be used on anything smaller than a 2" x 2" timber support as the aggressive thread may split smaller timbers

Purlin Spaces

Box profile and traditional 3" corrugated

  • 0.5mm gauge, 32/1000, 34/1000, 14/3 Corrugated, 20/1000, 333 profile
    • Recommended 600mm
    • Maximum 1000mm**
  • 0.7mm gauge, 32/1000, 34/1000 14/3 Corrugated, 333 profile
    • Recommended 1000mm
    • Maximum 1400mm**

**Maximum purlin spaces are not suitable in all scenarios. You will need to consult a structural engineer to see if these will be appropriate to your building.

Tile effect

  • Brit-Tile 333mm tile length – maximum 666mm purlin centres
  • Wave-Tile 350mm tile length – maximum 700mm purlin centres
  • Flow-Tile 350mm tile length** – maximum 700mm purlin centres

*** Flow-tile can be manufactured with 450mm tile lengths in 0.7mm gauge as a special order. Please call our sales team to discuss this option.


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