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Painted Sheets

Polyester paint coating is a very useful finish for agricultural purposes as it has been stated as an acceptable material by a number of agriculture authorities. Polyester paint is also a cheaper alternative for roofing than other materials available such as PVC Plastisol coating.

Polyester is coated upon a primed zinc-coated steel in accordance to BS EN 10147. This type of roofing has a medium lifetime and should be maintained every five to ten years or less if there is pollution.

When handling polyester care must be taken as the polyester coating can easily be scratched.  Also sheets should not be slid against each other as this can also cause wear in the surface coating.

Please be aware that polyester paint coated sheets may receive light surface scratching during transport and returns will not be accepted for this reason. Ordering a tin of colour coded touch up paint is always advised if these light scratches require covering.

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